Business Address:
Bunwal House
No 17 Palmer Street
Cnr.Wepener Street
Booysens Johannesburg

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 38573
Booysens Johannesburg 2016
Tel: 011 493 1118
Fax: 011 493 1116

Main Members / Directors:
Peter Mason Atkinson (Executive Director)
Francis Ike Igbo (Executive Director)


Dr Peter Mason Atkinson established Atkinson Pathology Laboratory in 1993.Atkinson Pathology
Laboratory was born out of Dr Atkinson’s entrepreneurial zeal to set up a pathology laboratory
that will compete with the 2 main private laboratories in South Africa at the time. He wanted a
laboratory that will eliminate the bureaucratic bottlenecks that burdened the main private laboratories.
He worked for one of those laboratories as a business manager/business director for over 15 years
before resigning to start Atkinson Pathology Laboratory.

In January 2007, with the arrival of new shareholders, the laboratory went through a robust overhaul,
which included a rebranding phase and an operational re-engineering phase.Mr Francis Ike Igbo partnered
with Dr Peter Mason Atkinson in January 2007,a move that saw the company change from Atkinson Pathology
Laboratory to Target Pathology Laboratory.However, in 2013 the laboratory bought their own head office
building and had to move again in September 2013 from Parktown to Booysens. This move was necessary in
order to better accommodate their ever-growing staff complement.


Target Pathology Laboratories is now the trading arm of Dr P Atkinson and Partners (Practice No: 5202027).
Target Laboratory pursues excellence by being committed in serving the medical community in South Africa
and until recently Africa with quality results and careful attention to client needs and requests.


Consistency in growth, service and results delivery…
This is the attitude that we promote throughout our business.

Each word has value to it:


The leadership team of our company are consistent about delivering accurate results to doctors.
The aim is to rub off this consistency approach on the rest of our team, who need to show the same consistency
when working with our clients.


Increases in labor productivity have historically been the most important source of real growth.
Therefore to us it’s all about people. We believe that our team is key to the growth of the business.


This is achieved by a set of values and policies to be used to guide the design anddeployment
of services provided by our entire value chain with a view to offering a consistent service experience to
a specific client in a specific environment.


it ought to be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to handle, more doubtful of
success and more dangerous to implement than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things,
We emphasize on the importance of flexibility and change for a better result delivery.


We do our work with intense enthusiasm and compelling desire excel.


 Our service delivery always strives to be ‘ahead of the game.


We consistently strive to instill honesty and strong moral principles into our staff.


We focus on being excellent in everything we do.


  We strive to provide our clients with fast accurate, reliable and cost effective results To enable us to do this,
we have designed a need-specific laboratory software.The LABMAN software available to all clients on request
brings pathology to the desktop of our clients. Our Values Passion, Pro-active, Integrity and Excellence: P-PIE

Passion - We do our work with intense enthusiasm and compelling desire excel.
Pro-active - Our service delivery always strives to be ‘ahead of the game.
Integrity - We consistently strive to instill honesty and strong moral principles into our staff.
Excellence - We focus on being excellent in everything we do.


To develop an international laboratory network that will add value for all stakeholders by delivering a comprehensive
quality pathology service that is fast, reliable, accurate and cost effective. Target constantly strives towards improving
the benchmark for excellence in Pathology.
TPL has established four 2 significant objectives to pursue.
• The first objective is to constantly remain Fast Accurate and Reliable in our service delivery.
• The second objective is to position the company to consistently remain profitable especially in the long term while
observing all the mandatory regulations that govern the pathology industry.

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